ALM-2010 Horizontal Packaging Machine is designed to package single or multi-unit products on a horizontal system. ALM-2010 Horizontal packaging machine can be used in food industry, cosmetics and cleaning industry, automotive industry, medical products, electric materials, furniture accessories, PVC pen systems, white goods, toys, gifts, etc products.
ALM-2010 Horizontal packaging machine can operate with cellophane, pearlized, polypropylene and aluminum laminated packaging materials in the hot bonding system. In the cold bonding system, all packaging materials complying with cold bonding can be used. All setting & functions can be accessed via the touch screen on the front panel of the machine.
Heat settings, photocell settings, package cutting length, number of productions per minute, number of packaged products, features such as stopping for the number of the products which are desired to be packaged can be viewed from the screen and necessary adjustments can be made. The machine is designed to operate compatibly with all kinds of date coding devices. All surfaces which are contacted by the product to be packaged and the whole body are all coated with 304 quality stainless sheets.